What I’m watching: Part 2

by Shalan Govender

I had absolutely no intention of being back with more recommendations so soon. But, given the current circumstances, requests from friends, and frankly the sheer volume of quality content that I’ve discovered recently I just could not help but return to share some of my favourites for your viewing pleasure.



TRIGGER WARNING: Rape and self-harm

This one’s for my fellow Desi boys and girls out there and for foreign film fanatics alike. MOM is one of those rare Bollywood productions that maintains genre norms of song and unparalleled dramatics while presenting a deeply affecting story. The film features breakout performances and a phenomenal performance by the late, great Srideviji (an actress widely acknowledged as India’s first female superstar) for whom, this film would sadly be her last. Further, the film provides food for thought on India’s indisputable issue of gender-based violence.

Shalan’s Score: 10/10

Where to watch? Netflix

Sex and the City

Anyone else missing frivolous, funny conversation outside library or drama café (if you’re in USKAR (University Still Known As Rhodes) and if not then wherever you may hangout for pleasant, unproductive conversation)? Well, if you are then look no further than the HBO classic! The show would not at all be successful in today’s age what with its only white and heterosexual characters and all but, given the fact that it was made a long time ago viewers can just acknowledge and appreciate the show’s quirky central characters’ conversations and adventures which are fun, funny and with six seasons, a good way to keep busy until we too can have frivolous, funny conversations at our local hangout zone.

Shalan’s Score: 7.4/10

Where to watch? Showmax

Dead to Me

The dramedy has recently garnered a lot of attention with the release of its sophomore season, and the show is worth the hype. With a base of dark comedy, packed with witty one-liners, and a wonderful wrapping of superb performances and chemistry from the shows leads, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Dead to Me is a fantastically original and highly addictive show. However, the show does get a bit slower and maybe even a bit predictable in its second season but, for all the reasons stated above, it remains a cut above the rest.

Shalan’s Score: 9.5

Where to watch? Netflix



TRIGGER WARNING: Rape and harassment

Truly, how can one describe sheer perfection? Frankly, I am not seasoned enough as a writer do such a task but, I shall try my best. Unbelievable is raw in its portrayal of sexual assault and the subsequent road to recovery that the show is sometimes difficult to watch. However, the importance of the topic covered and the degree of sensitivity exercised will likely outweigh one’s discomfort and result in a viewer proceeding to watch all the episodes of the Golden Globe nominated mini-series. The deft direction and understated yet brilliant writing is met with equally stunning performances from Emmy winner Merritt Wever and breakout star, Kaitlyn Dever.

Shalan’s Score: 10/10

Where to watch? Netflix

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