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How to Rock the Latest Fashion Trends of 2023: The Art and Psychology of Dressing Up

By Angel Dukashe

[Taken from @Lethabowwoods]

Dressing up is not just a childish game or a Halloween tradition. It is a phenomenon that has been observed in many cultures and historical periods and also has various psychological and social implications. Let us dive into the latest trends, unpack them to give you tips to rock them confidently, and discover different effects and motivations for dressing up and how it reveals something personal about each of us. There are several trends that are currently dominating the fashion scene. Some of the top fashion print trends include the dye, Dalmatian spots, the 1970s fashion, bohemian vibe, and online chatters and style headlines all over the world.

Crochet sets are a trend that is inspired by seventies fashion with Bohemian influences. These trendy sets are well known in the sustainability and craft communities for their do-it-yourself appeal. Each piece is unique yet still easy, breezy, and attainable plus to crochet sets is their comfortable and easy-to-wear nature, things that are synonymous with what this summer’s trends are all about. Falling right in line with the effortless cool-gin aesthetic, it also proved to be a hit on the spring/summer runways. The versatility of crochet sets is unmatched. Wearing them together, where the top and bottom pieces match in colour and pattern, creates a cohesive and put-together outfit that is perfect for a variety of occasions. For example, you could wear a crochet top and skirt set in a pastel colour for a summer brunch or golden party. You could also pair a crochet sweater and pants set in a neutral colour for a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for the office or a night out.

Taken from: Piqsels

Another form of a hot fashion look is the stealth wealth aesthetic, also known as the quiet luxury aesthetic. A fashion trend that exudes luxury by dressing subtly, simply avoiding obvious markers like brand names and large logos. To achieve the look, one can use classic Italian clothing styles and minimal designers such as TII Sander and The Row. Colour will be your friend this year, with contrast between bright colours, metallics and 3D formalwear. One of the biggest colour trends that last year had to offer was to set the remainder of a firm favourite for the fashion colour trends for 2023. Lilac has adorned everything from casual separates to special occasion pieces, and purple tones across the spectrum are here to stay. From lavender to plum, purple is a versatile and flattering colour that can be mixed and matched with neutrals or other brights. Try a lilac maxi skirt with a white tee and sneakers for a laid-back look or a purple blazer with jeans and heels for a smart casual outfit.

Another timeless trend is Lace. Lace is a classic fabric that never goes out of style, but this season it gets updated with a modern twist being paired with fresh colours, shapes, and patterns. Lace dresses are perfect for spring and summer, as they are light, airy, and stereotypically feminine. Lace can be styled in numerous ways, depending on the occasion. For a casual day out, one can wear a mini dress with sneakers and a denim jacket, or for a more formal event, go for a lace mini dress with heels and a clutch.Fashion is all about making one feel comfortable in their fit as it boosts one’s confidence. It also helps one to express their individuality, and it raises an awareness about critical issues such as sustainability, diversity, and human rights. It is a powerful tool that inspires, challenges, and transforms individuals.

Dressing up is not only an art but also a science. It can affect how we feel about ourselves, how others perceive us, and how we interact with the world. By following the latest fashion trends of 2023, you can experiment with unique styles, colours, and fabrics that suit your personality, mood, and identity. You can also use dressing up to boost your confidence, enhance your mood, or make a statement. Whatever your motivation or effect of dressing up is, remember to have fun with it!

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