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Are vintage trends making a comeback?

By Tshepiso Tshabalala

There is no denying that Gen Z is an influencer of many trends today. Music, food, and even pop culture. But how can we forget the most prominent aspect that is highly relevant today? Yes, I am talking about FASHION. We express ourselves through the outfits we put together, from the colour coordination, the shoes, the accessories we put on and even that detail of highlight that we include when doing our makeup. This phenomenon has allowed us to communicate non-verbally as a society and showed us that one does not even have to own the most expensive clothing item to be considered a fashion icon. I am not the only one who has also noticed how vintage trends are slowly creeping back into the game.

Fashion can be defined as the art of creating and recreating different pieces of clothing to fit people of a certain millennial. The first fashion designer, Charles Fredrick Worth, took a stance in the 19th century, and it has been trend after trend after that, one of them being the iconic vintage era of fashion. Vintage trends are returning in new age trends, and the youth are adding a bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice to their outfits. Some look so good that one may even believe this wave of fashion started with us! Below, we will look at a few vintage fashion items that have taken the fashion scene by storm.


I mean, who does not love a good dungaree? Known for their original denim material, this clothing item was initially invented in 17th century India, and till this day, they have been making rounds on the fashion streets. We have all owned or even had it in our wardrobes. Varying from long to short, this clothing item is excellent to wear with a cool shirt, some Converses, and shades, clipping one side for support while letting the other dangle for that cool effect. The material is no longer limited to denim but has evolved, incorporating new textures felt by the hand. It accommodates the fashion that is present today and is one of my favourite pieces to wear when I need to dash to a lecture or get some necessities. Simplicity is key when it comes to dungarees.

Cargo Pants

Oh, the legendary cargo pants! These pants were designed for the military, where the oversized pocket aesthetic was there to hold the belongings of the individuals on the military base. They have made a comeback and are firing shots, excuse the pun, in the right direction now. Their old and vintage look blends well with the fashion-forward trends of today, like that cocaine-white Nike Air Force. Although the history behind them can be considered bittersweet, what they are doing for the fashion industry right now is unmatched. Just go brighten up your day and buy some cargo pants!

Leather jackets

The leather jacket is another military piece that has started an upheaval in the fashion world. Coming in all shapes and sizes, mainly with the colours black and brown, this piece of clothing holds the same power as it did back in the day. This item is perfect for a hot day, but a slight breeze is lingering outside— an ideal way to be warm in style. It complements most things in the new wave fashion stream; however, it must be paired with minimal jewellery as the jacket is already the centre of attention. (And yes, this is all just unsolicited fashion advice; it will look great however you decide to style it.)

Plaid pleated skirts

How can we forget the plaid pleated skirts? If you are a “Friends” fan, you will know that Rachel Green would pair this with a turtleneck while her hair is put in a cute bun. This 90’s trend has given vintage looks some good PR. With the attention to detail and how one block moves into another, it is no surprise that this has hit the streets again with a bang! Perfect for that cute coffee date with friends or a casual stroll to class, why not do it the right way with this beautiful piece?

These four vintage items are the few items that have been prominent in the fashion world in terms of fashion. They show us how fashion trends revolve around the same cycle of clothes. What was seen as old and outdated back then is fresh today. It is fluid and unique to everyone who gets up each morning to pick an outfit. We may not all be “fashion killers’’ like ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, but there are pieces we put on daily that remind us we are icons in our own right.

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