PES 20 Mobile: A Masterpiece!

by Thabang Smata

On 23 October 2019 Konami launched their first football simulation game on mobile. That day marked the beginning of an amazing era for mobile gamers, especially football lovers. The app store only had a few football games, many of which were extremely rigid in their gameplay.

PES 20 Mobile was definitely a game-changer especially for those who don't own game consoles but love football games. First-touch games such as Dream League Soccer 19 and Score! Hero was the best the app store could offer and, honestly, most players thought they were decent games until PES emerged. PES mobile introduced a whole new level of mobile gaming compared to its competitors and it far exceeds expectations.

But what is it that makes PES Mobile truly a beautiful masterpiece?

The Game Icon :

[Above: The game icon gives it a ”it’s a big deal game” feel with great players such as Lionel Messi being featured and representatives of other big teams!]

The game icon is one of the most appealing features of the game before you even try it out. It speaks volumes and it sets a really good mood for some great football. What sets PES apart from the other games is that it actually has decent team logos and actual players on the icon. This is enough to attract anyone who has ever indulged in football gaming.

Start-up Menu:

[Above: “Official partner of Juventus” is the highlight of this photo. Just seeing this by default makes anyone assume that it’s going to be a game of great quality, which it is.]

Nowhere in history has a football mobile game ever had such an appeal to it. Juventus is a big deal and as if that was not enough, the menu start-up screen shifts and FC Barcelona turns out to be another official partner of the game. At this point, there is no turning back, only high hopes until the game is actually played. This is definitely something new and extraordinary for a mobile game.

The In-Game Menu:

[Above: The in-game menu has a real feel-good look to it, the music in the background just completes the puzzle, it’s truly a beautiful game even before you play it.]

The in-game menu has everything a football gamer would ever want. You can choose to play in limited time events online and earn great rewards. Another amazing thing is you can play with friends on the local multiplayer option using Bluetooth or you can choose Wi-Fi . Of course, Dream League Soccer has this feature but the game glitches and there are a lot of bugs. You also have the choice to play offline with the CPU which is really fun and challenging with each game.

The Gameplay:

[Above: Manchester United face Arsenal in a PES 20 Battle.]

The gameplay is truly remarkable and stands out from other mobile football games. The graphics are the best given that it’s a mobile game; Unlike Dream League Soccer and other games on mobile, you can distinctively tell the players apart.

The detail in this game is exceptional, from the uniforms to the facial features and beautiful stadiums with outstanding crowds. The commentary is realistic and you feel the atmosphere as the crowd chants throughout the match.

The players on the field are not rigid at all. They can slide, jump and trip as if it were a real human being. The net responds when you shoot for the goal and the players have unique celebrations, and it’s a sight to behold.

The controls are indeed unique to PES Mobile. You actually have control over the players and how they handle the ball. The only flaw is sometimes the passes are not necessarily directed to where you point the analog. There is no such thing as a perfect game of course, but PES surpasses all its competitors in every aspect.

Objectively, PES is on a completely different level. It is way ahead of its time as a mobile game. FIFA Mobile supposedly was going to be its real competitor but it simply can’t keep up.

With new updates constantly releasing, the game just keeps getting better and better. PES has pioneered a new way of mobile football and has redefined gaming in that sphere.

It has pioneered an era of new possibilities. That is why Pes 20 Mobile is a masterpiece!

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