Exotic Views: Monument

by Atang Matiea

The Cathedral

A drive or a walk up to Monument is always thrilling. It matters not what time you get there, your breath will always be taken by something (if not the hike itself) if you are the kind of person who loves adventure. From any point in Makhanda the Cathedral demands your attention every time.


Sometimes the most beautiful things have the worst history. However, that should not affect the way you look at life. Looking down from Monument you realise how much history has been documented around Makhanda through time.

A Moment in Time

The one thing you can truly expect to gain from a single visit to Monument is that "one moment"; a moment in time when all the lines are blurred and the only truth is the one that is right in front of you.

The Landscape

Apart from the documentary left behind through Makhanda's architectural history, there is one Architect whose work overshadows all the design made by man. It is through this journey to Monument you are able to learn and see the mighty work of the Creator.

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