2019's fashion comeback kids

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

By Sphoesethu Magudulela

Five, or even three years ago, you would never believe me if I told you that you would be spending your hard-earned coin on what looks like your dad's favorite pair of chunky sneakers, or that his typical tourist outfit when you went out on a safari (an oversized Champion t-shirt and cargo shorts) would be a ‘look’. It seems like the name of the game this AW19 season is daring to do the taboo, and that this winter the only rule is there are no rules! This year's selection of winter must-haves and the Northern Hemisphere’s summer trends look like things we would usually consider as cardinal offences.

We would look back and cringe over the ‘Jerseylicious’ animal print moments and those awful Crocs your mom made you wear throughout preschool for comfort and sustainability. From fashion week runways to your local Mr Price, it seems like the future of fashion is, indeed, the past.

Khanyisile Tshabalala photographed by Sphosethu Magudulela

Bootleg Pants

Every school portrait I took, I look like I just finished having the biggest laugh of my life, usually because I had been exposed to the photographer in his most dramatic brown corduroy bootleg pants. I mean, day after day, year after year, always without fail, that's what he opted for. I suppose he got the last laugh because bootleg pants are this season's way of adding the perfect amount of flare to your outfit. The Zendaya X Tommy Hilfiger line just dropped the most incredible pair of white bootleg jeans and many celebrities like actress and budding fashion icon Yara Shahidi, and reality star Samira Mighty from Love Island have been seen rocking the not-so-new style.


Hear me out: Crocs. I, too, was very anti-Croc, so much so that I clearly remember sharing memes that said, “The holes in Crocs are where your dignity seeps out.” But these shoes have found their way out of your biology teacher’s closet and onto the Paris runways as the Balenciaga super platform croc-hybrid

Sourced from Instagram: @maxenemagalona

Sourced from: https://superbalist.com/brands/birkenstock


Birkenstocks - the two-fold forbidden fruit of kick back attire; the good ol’ socks and sandals combo. Vegan, leather, fabric, metallic, suede, prints and even high-end designer - there is a Birkenstock for everyone.

Dresses with jeans

If we’re talking about dresses with jeans, there is a wrong way of going about it. If you’re going to take a bold risk, take a page out of Yara’s book (or, honestly the whole book; have you seen her Instagram?). Go with a dress that gives you enough shape, like an umpire waist number. There are thousands of combos to try but, basically, avoid sporting a rectangular look. Nothing is impossible!

Sourced from Pinterest: @Buzzfeed

Sourced from Instagram: @Shahidistyle

Wild Wild West

Kacey Musgraves and Solange are the poster girls for what cowboy boots are capable of. We don’t even need to discuss this. Winter is coming and we need a pair. Yee - and I can’t stress this enough - haw.

Sourced from Instagram: @shaenycole

Don't be afraid of the past. Embrace it! There is a time for everything; and, if crocs weren't stylish back then, they certainly can be now.

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