Life in Colours: Green Edition

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Welcome to 'Life in Colours', our weekly photography series. Our goal is to highlight the beauty of everyday people, places and objects. The series started as a project on our Facebook page in 2018. We're excited to continue showcasing the work of our young and creative photography team.

A close up of my pet cat's eye. Photographer: Zahra Jardine

Inspired by my sisters energy and love of the outdoors, I decided to take a picture of her doing her favorite activity. Dressed in her usual shabby green t-shirt and surrounded by the indigenous plants and rocks that make up our beautiful botanical garden, where she loves to climb. Photographer: Nina Leslie

Ethembeni Serice Centre, Thursday, 19 July 2018, Makhanda. Photographer: Luale Monze

you are welcome in, but leave parts of you outside. 31 March 2019, Bartholomew Street. Photographer: Louie Tshelane

The sky's wept, and we rejoiced. The earth was moist again. Photographer: Shaun Matiea

greener surroundings. Photographer: Kgotso Chauke

Photographer: Bongo Jaqwa

Think Green. Photographer: Sniko Lukubeni.

A dreamlike view of Koi in a fish pond. Photographer: Zahra Jardine

Tiny spaces in a tiny garden. Photographer: Zahra Jardine

Photographer: Bongo Jaqwa

For years my life and struggles were heavily intertwined with my sport. So i spent a lot of my childhood playing and watching sports. Majority of my moral triumphs have been on the sports field, and that's why this means something to me. Photographer: Casey Ludick

Dangling tree leaves with a forest backdrop. Behind Robert Sobukwe. Photographer: Sinalo

blue skies & green leaves. Photographer: Pink Vena

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