Home, Sweet Home.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Everybody can think of something that reminds them of home. Perhaps, it’s the smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen. Or, it could be the jovial greeting from a furry friend as you walk through the front door. This week, our photography team compiled a series of photographs that encapsulate the essence of our respective homes.

A photo of a mother and her child. Though this is a picture taken of two strangers, this photo evokes a sense of nostalgia in me. It acts as a reminder of my childhood and of the times my mother used to take me to the beach during holidays. Those memories are where my sense of home comes from. Photographer: Zahra Jardine

Aloe, one of the most neglected plants in my country (Lesotho). The plant is heavily used for medicinal purposes, thus, putting it at risk of extinction. Photographer: Shaun Matiea

pedestrian side walk. Photographer: Kgotso Chauke

Park Station, Johannesburg CBD. Photographer: Louie Tshelane

The brave, powerful and vigilant member of the family. Photographer: Izzy

This garden has undergone makeover over makeover. The consistent landmarks; My gogo's cottage, her hoender hok and my old play house which are essential to my sense of home. Photographer: Sinalo Mayekiso

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