Top 10 Players of the 2020 NFL Season (10-6)

by Patrick Kidd

The 2020 NFL season was one which played out uniquely. Taking place in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, players were made to play under strict regulations and in empty stadiums. Some players saw the consistency of their excellence, many enjoyed the best form of their careers, few managed to bounce back from dips in quality. Despite their success prior to the 2020 season, 10 stars soared above their colleagues.

Buffalo Bills’ star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Source:

10. Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

127 Receptions; 1 535 Receiving Yards; 8 Touchdowns

After a high-profile move from the Minnesota Vikings, Stefon Diggs proved his worth as a number 1 wide receiver in the NFL. Diggs existed as the focal point of Buffalo’s fierce offense and helped guide the Bills to their first AFC Championship in 27 years. The elite wide-out proved that fundamentals matter showing precise route-running, explosive speed and safe hands throughout the season. With the most targets (166) and receptions in the league, Diggs proved his importance to the Bills’ offense.

Seattle Seahawks’ veteran linebacker Bobby Wagner celebrates a big play. Source:”

9. Bobby Wagner, Linebacker, Seattle Seahawks

138 Tackles; 3 Sacks

Bobby Wagner further cemented his status as the best inside linebacker in the NFL with another outstanding season in Seattle. Despite the Seahawks’ disappointing campaign as a franchise, Wagner still managed to shine as an individual. His effectiveness against both the run and pass made Seattle’s defense a force to be reckoned with. He led the defense with aplomb and he will certainly be seeking play-off success in the 2021 NFL season.

Josh Allen starred for the Buffalo Bills in 2020. Source:

8. Josh Allen, Quarterback, Buffalo Bills

4 544 Passing Yards; 69,2% Pass Completion; 37 Touchdowns; 107,2 Passer Rating

The second Buffalo Bill on the list, Josh Allen had a breakthrough year in his third season in the NFL. Allen finally lived up to the high expectations that many had leading up the 2018 NFL Draft helping lead the Bills to a historically successful season. Allen was arguably the second-best QB in the league and was deep in the MVP conversation. He will definitely be seeking similar success again next season.

Travis Kelce played a vital role in a second AFC Championship win for the Kansas City Chiefs. Source:

7. Travis Kelce, Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs

105 Receptions; 1 416 Receiving Yards; 11 Touchdowns

2020 saw Travis Kelce further prove why he’s the best Tight End (TE) in the NFL leading all TEs in receiving yards and touchdowns. His versatility in the potent Kansas City offense helped guide the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl in two years. Despite tripping at the final hurdle, Kelce will be sure to bounce back and continue playing at the highest level in 2021.

After another elite season in the NFL, Aaron Donald cemented his position as the best defensive player in the league. Source:

6. Aaron Donald, Defensive Lineman, Los Angeles Rams

13,5 Sacks; 4 Forced Fumbles; 1 Fumble Recovery

The undisputable best defensive player in the NFL had a disappointing season by his standards. Despite this, Aaron Donald still gave offensive co-ordinators headaches and offensive linemen nightmares. Donald had the second-most sacks in the league and the third most forced fumbles continuing to prove his worth in the Rams’ defense. A freak of nature by all accounts, Donald will carry on frightening the NFL’s best offenses in 2021.

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