The power of a music video

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

A list of our favourite music videos from the month of August

By Herschel Mackelina

In the visual age that we live in, there’s no denying the power that a music video has in elevating and enhancing an artist’s entire discography. In addition to being a means of expressing whatever a creative wishes – from a deeply embedded societal issue to a light-hearted social commentary, or just promoting their song to boost sales. It is done so in a showcase of visual imagination and brilliance, with the occasional inclusion of some amazing choreography as seen by likes of Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson. Never before have music videos been more impactful than the 80’s, 90’s and there after, where titans like Micheal Jackson and Missy Elliot have trailblazed their promotional and contemporary value, making them entirely mainstream. This week we recap and review our favourite music videos in August.

Doja Cat Ft. Tyga – Juicy

Doja Cat is no newbie to the music video scene, having been behind the viral “Mooo!” song, but it is her latest offering with Tyga that has seen her make the trending rounds once again. Considering the super sexy and raunchy lyrical nature of Juicy , it should come as no surprise that when Doja dropped the video to the remix - it would match. The stunningly directed video doesn’t disappoint visually, serving us fruit salad vibes in HD with the main course obviously being Doja’s perfectly nutritious derrière. The vivid display of fruits partnered with cute outfits to match, has just the right amount of tasteful and artistic sex appeal – a winning recipe in my opinion.

Normani – Motivation

I'm not going to lie, when i first saw the teasers for the music video I didn't know what to expect but after watching, it really exceeded my expectations The stunningly symbolic visuals, an ode to her younger self, filled with 2000s references as well as her incredible dance moves makes for a truly iconic video. A blast from the past which will most definitely be popular among the 00s kids. The super sexy music video has most certainly made us aware that she is not to be slept on. The super catchy lyrics and energetic beat beckons you to get up on your feet, but its only once you start seeing the impressive choreography and dance breaks that you realise you might want to sit this one out and leave it to the professionals.

YoungstaCPT – Old Kaapie

Bringing it back home, the Cape Town native YoungstaCPT’s latest visual offering is filled to the brim with symbolic nuances. Youngsta, a prominent voice and figure within the Cape-coloured community, doesn’t shy away from the provocative and in his new video, makes references to the stereotypes placed on brown people as being violent and gangsters, purely based on their appearance and how they’re dressed. Donning the infamous orange overall commonly associated with prison inmates and wielding the titular object, an okapi (a type of knife well-known in the streets), Youngsta’s aggressive flow and lyrics stand out as empowering and highlights the plight of everyday people trying to survive in a world which only favours those with the inherent predisposition.

Lana Del Rey – Fuck It I Love You & The Greatest

A double music video? We live for a generous queen. Lana Del Rey has a really specific brand with the ambiance from her music almost always encompassing some element of sadness and melancholy linked with romance. Del Rey's latest offering is no different. The aesthetics of the video are stunning and compliment her lyrics exceptionally well - with visual elements of karaoke, playing pool, juke boxes. Del Rey appears majestic and alluring as she sings her trademark melancholy lyrics, in a smoothly transitioned and connected video, by the docks along the ocean.

Taylor Swift – Lover

Truly a beautiful music video concept, very much reminiscent of the old Taylor Swift we all know. I honestly appreciate the whole concept of different scenarios and scenes of the video playing out in different rooms in the house, each with their unique décor and themes, representing, what I view as, the complexities of a relationship. Renown for the hidden meaning in her videos, Lover is jam packed with symbolism in the details present in each room as the scenes transition. As is expected - fans will heavily scrutinise the video and come up with their own theories about how it relates to Taylor’s personal life, but that is the fun of a Taylor Swift music video.

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