The lockdown cut & dye

by Zinam Klaas

  Bald trend becoming popular during the lockdown. Source: (

A combination of lockdown boredom and a lack of salons and barbers, more and more people decided they needed to change up their look. As salons and barbershops have been closed due to the lockdown restrictions, many people took to the clippers to give themselves a lockdown cut and dye. As people are restricted to their homes longer and longer and are trapped in the same monotonous routine; a change to their look brings about a new positive energy to the dreary lockdown life. Those who have chosen to dye their hair have used their artistic skills to draw designs that tell a story. With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and when exactly this will all be over; people have gone wild with their hairstyles. And if it may not go as planned there is no worry of an embarrassing moment with seeing someone you may know. The lockdown restrictions have brought about new trends every day and are showing how people are using these difficult times to amplify their creativity and self-expression. The rebellious edge that these hairstyles make its partakers feel, fills the void that lockdown restrictions have taken away.

Stay creative whilst staying at home. Source: ( 

The closing of salons has encouraged a number of people, like beloved content creator Nadia Jafta, self-grooming in the comfort of their homes. Rather than opting for a simple trim, many have chosen to shave all their hair off. A sudden urge to change your appearance during these uncertain times in addition to the increasing turn to social media for social connection and entertainment are where we may get creative inspiration. For some, this may be a trend and another opportunity to hop onto the bandwagon, but it is more than that. Satisfy this itch for change, in our circumstances, by shaving your head. It is a radical feeling of taking control and getting rid of the hairdryers and brushes. Finally, getting to share a picture of your new look and feeling a part of something is hugely important while we are all kept indoors.

Nadia Jafta before (left) and after (right) her lockdown buzzcut. Source: (Nadia on

Adding colour to your new do has also become increasingly popular. Lockdown has made a rainbow of colours like pastel pink, seafoam greens, saturated blues and fiery reds a fan favourite. The trend of switching between colours is not only a bold fashion statement but the exhilarating experience of feeling like a new person with every colour change. Outgoing hair hues may also be a way of establishing oneself as an individual. Playing with hair colour is like experimenting with your favourite eye shadow palette, the options for self-expression are endless.

Playing around with colours is a great way of bringing excitement to the look. Source: (

Hair dyeing has not been limited to a single colour palette but has now transformed into paintings worthy of art exhibits. Creatives have used their freshly bleached hair as canvases to create mesmerising designs of pure innovation. These revolutionary designs have been seen on the head of musician Kanye West long before lockdown, but they are definitely making their way to the public eye yet again. Taking inspiration from the surroundings of nature, the arts and vivid imagery this trend is a revolutionary outlook on the future of hair, beauty and its non-conformity.

Psychedelic rainbow design by Daniel (@majormoonn) on the left and floral design by Rebecca (@mateydesr) on the right. Source: (

With the hashtag #quarantinehair, people have taken to the scissors and box dyes with confidence. With hair maintenance the least of our worries during this pandemic; a buzz cut seems like the obvious choice. The extra time at home makes it easier to experiment and our natural human craving for social connection; changing our appearance brings a sense of normalcy to the abnormal of today. Isolation gives us a chance to dive headfirst into DIY bangs, bleach jobs, buzz cuts, space greys and moss greens to break the beauty standards and question what it means to be 'normal'.

It is not only a trend but a form of self-expression. Source: (

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