The iconic feud: Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg, the road to redemption

by Thabang Smata

It’s 2016 and what a time to be alive. The world was truly a paradise and summer ‘16 was epic. WWE was at its peak and the pay-per-view deliveries deserved a Bell’s. The storylines were simply outstanding and the WWE Universe loved every moment of it.

Brock Lesnar was causing havoc to the roster. The man was destroying everyone who stood in his way. He won himself the Universal Championship and he looked like he was unstoppable. He had recently broken the Undertaker's streak, which was deemed impossible.

Lesnar was a different breed straight out of the Attitude Era, and the new stars stood no chance.

Bill Goldberg made his return to the WWE at that exact time. He was the only one Lesnar couldn’t take down. In the early 2000s, these men would tear each other apart but Goldberg would always come out on top. There was unfinished business between the two and so their feud re-emerged and, it was something special to behold.

[ABOVE: Goldberg confronts Brock Lesnar for a title match at Survivor Series]

So, aware of Goldberg’s return, Brock Lesnar makes some nasty remarks about Goldberg's family with the intention to stir up a more personal feud. Goldberg responds to Lesnar the next week during Monday Night Raw in a ring full of guards. Paul Heyman (Brock Lesnar’s advocate) goes on to add more insults to the man and warns him to back down before Survivor Series. Goldberg responds by trying to attack Lesnar but the guards get in his way. Goldberg wilds out like an uncaged animal and makes waste of the guards. Lesnar cowardly escapes just in time. For the first time in WWE history, he is scared.

The stage was set for one of the biggest rivalries in WWE history. Two great brawlers were going to lock horns in Survivor Series for a title match and it was personal. The WWE Universe was fired up for this match, as many were tired of Lesnar's dominance and were happy that a worthy opponent had emerged, one that ruled the Attitude Era.

The main event of Survivor Series was about to commence at The Air Canada Centre in Toronto in front of a live audience. The crowd was ecstatic and the atmosphere was really wild. When Brock Lesnar entered the ring the crowd chanted “Goldberg, Goldberg!“ It was clear Lesnar had to be destroyed, and that’s certainly what the fans wanted. Eventually, Goldberg entered the stage and the crowd went crazy. He did his cool entrance gimmick and it deserved nothing but fire emojis.

[ABOVE: The match was about to go down and the atmosphere was ecstatic, both men had a score to settle]

The bell goes off and the match begins. Right away Lesnar pins Goldberg against the ropes. Goldberg pushes him aggressively to the floor. Lesnar becomes shocked at what has just happened. As Lesnar tries to get up he is driven to the floor with an aggressive spear. The crowd goes insane and Lesnar looks hurt. Goldberg spears him once more to the ground and immediately jackhammers him into the mat. 1! 2! 3! The match is over.

Goldberg had slain the beast. Lesnar fans were left with their mouths wide open after he had just been manhandled for the first time in a decade. It was absolutely awesome and Goldberg won the title match.

Monday Night Raw follows up the event and Lesnar gets in the ring and calls out Goldberg. The man wants a rematch at the biggest pay-per-view event, WrestleMania!. Goldberg accepts and the date is set. This pay-per-view was a bigger deal than all the other events combined so it would be the perfect place to shut the critics up after the humiliating loss.

[ABOVE: It was official, this was going to draw a conclusion to their feud. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg for the last time]

WrestleMania 33 commences and it’s finally time for the main event. This was it, this was the last shot Lesnar had to redeem himself. Both of their entrances were amazing and were brought to life with the beautiful stage and fireworks. The animations were off the charts.

The match begins and immediately Goldberg charges for Lesnar with a spear. Lesnar desperately rolls out of the ring but gets speared into the barricades. The atmosphere comes to life. Goldberg puts Lesnar into the ring and tries to spear the lights out of him. Lesnar jumps out of the way. Goldberg hits the post and Lesnar takes him to Suplex City. Ten German Suplexes followed by a devastating F5 into the mat. 1! 2! 3! and Lesnar wins the match and gets back his title.

He turned his opponent’s fans into his. It was an iconic moment, and a reign regained in a 3-count, and that is why that feud remains one of the best in WWE history.

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