Skate Ubuntu at the Black Power Station

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

"Skate Ubuntu is a non-profit community engagement project with a final goal of building a skate park in Makhanda."

Photographer: Georgie Snaddon

Skate Ubuntu hosted their first skating competition on Saturday, 4 May, at the Black Power Station - a venue near the SPCA. The space is run by Xolisa "X" of Fingo Arts Festival, and the National Arts Festival organizers.

The main purpose of the event was to encourage people to donate closed shoes that children can learn to skate in. The Skate Ubuntu team had noticed many of them were often wearing open shoes (or school shoes) during skating workshops. Ultimately, they wanted to make sure that the children learn in the safest way without injuring themselves or scuffing up their good school shoes.

The Black Power Station has been a fitting venue for the likes of music events, live music, art exhibitions, drama performances etc. The venue is being activated as a space for creative expression. Skate Ubuntu was more than excited to hop on board. They hosted a successful skate competition and shoe donation drive.

Photographer: Xolisa "X" of Fingo Arts Festival

Photographer: Xolani "X" of Fingo Arts Festival

Photographer: Xolani "X" of Fingo Arts Festival

Photographer: Kay

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