Sho Madjozi takes over Colors: A Sho sign of success

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

By Renee Moyo

South African rapper Maya Wegerif, famously known by her stage name Sho Madjozi, recently put South Africa on the map when she was featured on the popular music Youtube channel Colors. The channel provides a platform to up-and-coming artists to introduce their sound to the world and has so far hosted musicians as prominent as Jorja Smith, Billie Eilish and Ari Lennox.

Sho Madjozi took the channel by storm in a whirlwind of bright hair and feathers, and whilst many were left in awe of her performance, a good amount of people have developed a new found appreciation for Madjozi’s look and aesthetic.

The rapper stuck to her signature colourful Fulani braids, deciding on a pastel pink hue for this particular appearance. The braids tied in with her all pink ensemble, a staple outfit that has become a favourite of late; a turtleneck layered under a dress. However, as per usual, Sho Madjozi put her own spin on the entire look as a whole.

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Conventionally speaking, when choosing to layer a t-shirt under a dress, many opt for a plain coloured one. It looks classic but casual, giving the appearance of an effortless outfit.

For her debut at Colours, Sho Madjozi decided to ditch the conventional and threw on a tie-dye inspired turtle neck under her Barbie pink dress. And the piece de resistance? Hot pink feathers.

For many, the mere mention of hot pink feathers evokes images of drag queens and cabaret dancers. But Sho Madjozi has managed to make the concept her own. In all honesty, we may have cringed a little if we saw hot pink feathers on anyone else, but the hot pink feathers trimming the hem of that Barbie pink dress tied in perfectly with the South African rappers style as we have come to know it.

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Sho Madjozi’s outfits always draw inspiration from her Tsonga roots and in this case, the feathers mimicked those of a traditional South African skirt. She is one artist in particular who is proud of her heritage and displays this not only through her music, but in her fashion choices as well. This dress, alongside many others that we have spotted, can be seen as paying homage to her mother country.

To top off the look, the artist donned a pair of pink sneakers. Comfort above all else of course, which we love. The look as a whole was an effortless, Barbie-esque piece that reflected her personality; free-spirited, feminine and humble.

These are the days of frontal wigs and to some people, inches are everything. But staying true to her pioneer ways, Sho Madjozi has been rocking braids from the first time she appeared on the music scene. Over time, we have seen her vibrant and energetic personality incorporated into her braids, from blush pink, to platinum blonde, to all-out multi-coloured. She has revived the braids wave. From the intricate beads to the neatly patterned lines, her hair has shown us the beauty of African hairstyles, something we had almost forgotten.

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Not only does Sho Madjozi have a profound sense of style, but she is continuing to make waves both across South Africa and now the world at large.

A gig on a global platform, and a shout-out from John Cena himself. We can only wonder what will be next.

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