Optimistic, orderly and organised.

by Carmen Visser

The concept of being organised is a strange one. One may wonder what it actually means to be organised. According to Oxford Learners’ Dictionary, organising means to “arrange something or the parts of something into a particular order or structure”. This means coordinating things in a simple, systematic order.

Being organised can be helpful in many aspects of your life. It can be understood in the

practical sense, for example, a home that is tidy and structured. It can also be understood in

terms of preparation and planning your time in relation to work.

The thought of being an organised person may be daunting, especially for those who do not

find organisation a natural ability or enjoyable activity. However, organisation is a skill that can

be developed easily and quickly. Skooler explains how improving on such a skill can lead to


Living and working in a neat and structured space helps in many ways. Firstly, less clutter

means less things accumulating dust. The benefits of this stretch all the way from cleaning less often to less allergies. Avoiding a mess also ensures that you keep track of all your belongings and do not waste time trying to find something. This also ensures that you avoid buying something that you already own and simply cannot find.

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Besides some of the practical benefits explained above, being tidy and organised helps clear

your mind and can reduce your stress levels. Additionally, having items lying around in your

workspace that are not relevant to the task you are doing can be disruptive. In this way, being

organised leads to more productivity as there are less distractions.

Moving onto organisation with regards to your workload, my best advice is list-making. Lists,

schedules and timetables are great ways of keeping on top of almost everything in your life.

Wondering what you could create a list for? Shopping, check! Assignments that are due, check! Movies you want to watch, check! Gifts you would like to receive, check! The list goes on…

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Being organised is a great way to keep up to date with your work. It ensures that you do not

miss any assignment deadlines, lectures or meetings. Furthermore, having control over your

work means that you are able to plan your time wisely to ensure that each task gets your

dedicated attention.

In addition, being organised with your workload means that you experience less chaotic stress when you are given more assignments to do. This is mainly because you are on top of your workload and can manage your deadlines well.

According to an article published on Organized Mind and Life, being organised can also save

time, make you proud of your home / workspace, improve your sleeping patterns, promote

charity and inspire creativity.

Not only is being organised beneficial in multiple ways, it is also an enjoyable activity to do.

Structuring your time or tidying your living space and workspace is a productive way to spend

your time. Moreover, you also experience great feelings of satisfaction and calmness when

your belongings are arranged logically or when your life in general is orderly.

Personally, I cannot focus on work in a messy or cluttered workspace. I get distracted, annoyed and land up wasting time before eventually deciding to tidy up. Over time, I have learnt to keep my living space structured. I have since fallen in love with any kind of storage products.

The simplicity that comes with boxes, shelves and baskets bring a sense of peace to my life.

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You might be reading this article and disagreeing with everything I say. Maybe a structured

schedule and neat workspace is not your thing. Maybe you are more productive under stress.

Maybe you know where each of your belongings are, even on a cluttered desk. Either way, you have to find what works for you. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your space and have some level of control over your work.

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However, I would recommend that you consider bringing little organisation tricks into your life.

You might find them helpful and addictive, just as I did.

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