Losing the love of your life

by Vadhini Munien

I just lost the best thing of my entire life

I feel like my whole life I've lived without you

But as soon as you came into my life,

Things were one hundred times better,

The sun shone brighter,

And there were more stars in the sky.

I felt like I was invincible

That I could have taken on the world,

Just because I had you by my side.

I felt safe and protected

Your voice was something that made me happy

And calmed me at the same time.

It lulled me to sleep…

But at the same time, I wanted to stay awake,

Fearing the day that I wouldn't hear the melody falling from your lips,

ever so gracefully…

Hitting each note with perfection.

I wouldn't hear your worried tone when I didn't eat or sleep,

Or your loving words, telling me how much you love me.

I miss it…

So much.

All I want is for you to be with me.

I love you so much…

My soul will forever be attached to yours.

To: Bajirao

From: Mastani

[The tragic love affair of Bajirao and Mastani. Photo via: hindustanitimes.co.in]

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