Life in Lockdown: Photo Story

by Nienke Botha

The streets lie silent with the lockdown. Cars idle behind locked gates, while skateboards pick up dust. Running shoes hidden in cupboards, and bicycles put into storage. Lockdown means minimal movement, a restriction to the indoors.

Lockdown will prove difficult for many people. For those that love the outdoors or playing sports, many are currently living in homes without a garden, or a balcony. Other than to retrieve food and medicine, many people are going to experience this lockdown completely indoors.

Social distancing encourages self-isolation from others. Celebrations have been cancelled, and many events are postponed. Activities that would usually bring people together have turned lonely. Birthdays without big parties, graduation without walking the stage, braai’s without friends, these are a few of our least favourite things.

Days start to blend with each passing night, as lockdown continues. Some turn to routine, while others take each moment as it comes. As activities are limited to our homes, staying entertained can sometimes prove difficult. As our days start to repeat, and ideas start to run out, we can be prone to boredom and doubt.

The new fashion trend is washing your hands. Trips to the shop are accessorised by surgical masks and rubber gloves. Upon return, items are wiped down, and clothes are washed, an attempt to protect ourselves, and our homes, from an invisible threat. Now, go wash your hands.

While it is important to stay hygienic and safe during this time, lockdown is also a good opportunity to get creative. Find new ways of doing the things you love, or try discover new things you’ll love doing. Add a twist to your daily activities, by challenging yourself or have a competition with a lockdown roomie.

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