Life in Lockdown: Dancing the days away

by Naomi Grewan

Finding things to do in this lockdown can be challenging. However, I seem to have found a way to spend my days doing something enjoyable, time consuming and healthy. 

Seen as we can’t go out to dance, we might as well bring the dancing home. There are dance tutorials on various platforms across all the different dance styles. Joining the millions of others dancing online somehow made the solitude of lockdown feel less lonely.

Below are a few of my favourite dances that I have been able to learn so far across different genres of music, different dance styles and different levels of difficulty. 

Hopefully, you find one that tickles your fancy!


Hip-Hop is a diverse dance style. Luckily, there are multiple dances that are fairly easy to learn and can all be done from home. 

This first dance is one choreographed dance by Matt Steffanina to The Middle by Zedd. It is a fairly simple dance, however, it has a few faster sections which are a bit harder for those who aren’t hip-hip dancers (like myself). 

Nevertheless, it is upbeat and will provide a guaranteed dopamine boost!

The dance:

The tutorial video:

Screenshot from tutorial video on Matt Steffanina’s YouTube channel

Matt Steffanina’s channel is filled with various other fun hip-hop dances ranging from a beginner level to an advanced level. Most recently, he choreographed a dance to Justin Bieber’s Yummy and has already uploaded the tutorial video. 

Most of his other dances have tutorial videos too, more than enough to fill up the 21 days in lockdown (and countless extensions).  

This second dance is my personal favourite, Naughty Boy by Pentagon. Do yourself a favour and go watch their music video and then learn the choreography. 

Upbeat, playful and by far the most fun, the choreography to the chorus of this song is a definite cure for your lockdown blues. 

The dance:

The tutorial video:


Contemporary dance tutorials are always slightly harder to find because it is not a dance style that is as popular for people to do from home. 

However, Auti Kamal has a YouTube channel where she teaches contemporary dances that don’t require a studio or professional training to do. 

The one I’ve linked below is her choreography to Complications by Sebastian Forslund. If you’re looking for something less upbeat, a bit more expressive and a lot more emotional, this is the right dance to do. 

The tutorial video:

Screenshot from tutorial video on Auti Kamal’s YouTube channel

TikTok Dances 

Now before you say no and shut me down completely, TikTok subscriptions have increased exponentially since this lockdown period began. A large number of TikTokers are dancers and there are new dances posted on the app daily that are fun, short and very easy to learn!

The different dances range from fifteen seconds in length to maximum a minute. The best part is once you’ve got the hang of one, chances are you’ll get the rest pretty easily as the choreography is usually quite similar. 

Screenshot from TikTok account of dancer @daisyjelly

These are the ones I have learnt so far, listed from the easiest to slightly trickier:

1. Funky Town - @nathanlust 

Funky Town - @camdeezyy (easier version)

2. Say So - @yodelinghaley 

3. Supa Lonely - @charlidamelio

4. Start Now - @thexhan 

5. Big Boy - @daisyjelly

According to Better Health, dancing is one of the best ways to improve mental and physical health across all ages. 

Quarantine can be a trying time, so whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, use this time to bust a move and impress yourself. 

As someone who has only ever done classical dance styles, exposing myself to hip-hop has allowed me to explore styles I never thought I would. Despite probably looking like a fool while doing it, trying to get involved in this side of the dance world has boosted my mood infinitely. 

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