Interview with rising fashion designer: Sasha Sakarai

by Jade Rhode

SX-D by Sasha Sakarai is a brand that we need to see more of in today’s world. Why? Well, it caters for every age and gender. Derived from the combination of her name and her parents' names - Vijayluxmi and Dimitrius - SX-D can be described as edgy and sophisticated.

[Captured by Sasha Sakarai. Sasha showing us her edgy style.]

Sasha Sakarai is a 24-year-old fashion design graduate from Durban, currently based in Cape Town. In her third year of fashion studies, her brand SX-D was created. The Cape Town College of Fashion Design (CTCFD) graduate is known for her eminent style and assisting in the industry. I recently had an interview with Sasha where she explained her style, graduate collection and more. Read below to find out more about this rising fashion designer.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I have always loved fashion and styling. It’s like creating your own fantasy world. The best part is that you get to choose the clothes.

If you could choose between designing and styling, which one would you choose and why?

I would definitely choose designing because it is something that comes naturally to me. Styling does too but I have always daydreamed of clothes and how I’d design them, even when I was in high school and had no idea what I wanted to do after. It is a part of my daily life.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as high fashion and street style meshed well together. It is elegant with an edge… And always classic.

You have a graduate collection. What is the name of your collection and the inspiration behind it?

The name of my graduate collection is called Gen-Z and is inspired by The Matrix. It is all about knowing the facts about our future through the internet.

What inspired you to use colours such as black and white in your collection? How does it relate to the theme of your collection?

I love black and white because to me, it will always be classic. When I designed my graduate collection, I wanted it to be something that I could look at 10 years from now and still want to wear. I never wanted to look at the collection like a “phase” in my life or something that was just trending at the time.

[Source: Instagram. (Captured by Jacques Weyers.) Edginess and sophistication shown in these SX-D designs.]

Do you think social media plays a role in the fashion industry today?

Social media plays a huge role because business-wise it can open so many doors for online sales and advertising.

As someone who is used to posting on social media, what advice would you give to people that would like to advertise their designs online?

If you plan on using social media, you have to be consistent! Don’t be discouraged by what others have to say, or by how many likes/views you get. Presenting yourself on a platform where you can be judged relentlessly is a huge step. We all have days when we feel like it isn’t going to work out and in times like those, you need to remind yourself why you started and don’t stop!

Being a gender-neutral designer, why do you think it’s important to create gender-neutral clothing?

I feel that it is important to be gender-neutral because everyone needs to be included! I’d hate to be of the opposite sex wanting to wear something that most people frowned upon or didn’t allow me to be completely comfortable in.

What would you like to achieve before the end of 2020?

The launch of my brand online.

Finally, where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

On a yacht in Mexico, scrolling through the ‘gram looking at my clothes being worn by as many bad-ass women as possible!

[Source: Instagram. (Captured by Jacques Weyers.) [CAPTION: While white can be seen as a symbol of purity, we can definitely see the edginess Sasha talks about in this garment!]

Sasha exudes confidence and it clearly shows in her designs. For more information about this emerging designer, you can find it on her Instagram pages @sasha_sxd and @sxd33.

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