Disgraceful girl

by Yuvthi Misser

Disgrace wakes up

empty in her bed,

picks up her disgusting body

and prepares for a disgraceful day.

Disgrace lets the pure water

wash over her blubbery body,

attempting to wash away the instability

and gaze upon the Creator's failed experiment.

Disgrace captures Elegance,

only for a limited time and for the finest of eyes.

sighing as she knows the reality of being secretly


Disgrace looks at the reflection,

staring at her awkward face,

ripping out the parts of her repulsive body,

tearing away her shameful organs,

stabbing at her fractured brain,

murdering Disgrace.


every day she gets closer

a hair's breadth away,

the box in which Disgrace must fit into

is getting smaller while she grows alarmingly

more sickened and repulsed by the day.

Disgrace, once again,

looks into the mirror, killing herself with her bare hands,

letting her crazed eyes take apart her wretched path.

Disgrace dies a disgraceful death.

when she finally, finally


meets The Creator, Disgrace asks why.

The Creator

she chuckles,


I never gave you that name."

Disgraceful Girl, puzzled, asks,

"Then why would you let me keep it?"

The Creator, finally loving her as she should,


"You gave it to yourself.

You seemed to grow fond of it and adopt it. Why should I take it away?"

Disgrace sits.

disgracefully weeping, for the first time, graceful tears.

Disgrace She smiles, almost unsettlingly.

She watches herself be born again,

forgetting what the Creator told her.

when she hears the word Disgrace later on,

she clings to it for reasons unknown.

the word feels familiar to her.

so it is kept,

like a parasite, it will grow and grow.

Disgrace lives and dies time and time again.

Disgrace looking into her reflection. Photo: Taylor Smith via Unsplash.

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