by Athi Nondzaba

Been holding my breath for so long

I think I might've forgotten how to breathe

I can't seem to find a good enough reason to live when all that surrounds me is death

My life looks like a scene from a horror movie

God knows I hate those

So how do I learn to live when life resembles what I hate the most

"Stay strong," they said

"Be positive"

How do I do that when life's taken a turn for the worst

I don't know how to live

All I'm doing is just existing

Counting down the seconds till I take my last breath

It's so exhausting having to live a life where you're constantly in search of something

A rhyme, love, just something to believe in

I wake up every day hoping the ground would open up and let me in


Suffering to the point of despair. Photo: Andrea Lahey.

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