Breaking free

by Carmen Visser

The adventure we called life is now plain.

Everything to lose, nothing to gain.

“It’s time wasted”, i complain,

but it swoops past again, the grey hurricane.

It’s a storm causing brain-pain,

a pounding headache; a migraine.

The days melting into each other are driving me insane.

I’m trying to fly, but my ankle is shackled by a chain.

They went outside despite everything, what a mistake.

I comply though – I know what’s at stake.

Eat, sleep, study and bake.

Someday, those iron locks will break.

Finally, light scorches through the cloud.

The deadly silence is now loud.

The full moon is out, hear the howl.

“I will find happiness again” - I vowed.

Once again, I dance in the rain.

Friendship, love and affection, we regain.

Celebrating the adventure with champagne,

for I am alive once again.

Image by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

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