A beginner’s guide to manifestation techniques

by Langa Mohlala

Spiritually speaking, manifestation entails using words, thoughts, beliefs and feelings to attract what you want in your reality. The most popular manifestation technique is the law of attraction, wherein a person uses affirmations or their energy to attract what they want.

This technique has been used by many notable celebrities, one being beloved actor Jim Carrey. In 1985, Carrey had written himself a cheque for $10 million for “acting services rendered”. He did this while he was still a struggling actor, and he kept the cheque in his wallet. Ten years later, in 1995, he was cast in the popular comedy film Dumb and Dumber, for which he was paid $10 million. Sceptics will write this event off as a coincidence but when one considers that he’d been manifesting his success for so long, they will realise that this is anything but a coincidence.

It cannot be said that manifestation immediately grants wishes or that it does not require hard work. It requires a lot of patience, willpower, intent and positive energy. Two especially important components of manifestation are confidence and gratitude. The former is important in that you have to claim and believe that what you seek is already true (and while this has the potential to create delusion or a false sense of security, it is vital). Thanking the universe for aligning with you and doing what you asked for will also reinforce your manifestation. It is important to give whatever you are seeking time to unfold; do not expect things to change overnight. Do not jeopardize yourself or stand in your own way; go with the flow and everything will fall into place. Learn to be receptive of that which you most desire, and understand that this process will require a lot of growth and change from you.

Here are a few easy manifestation techniques to try:

1. Affirmations/Mantras

If you are an avid TikTok user, you have most likely heard the following song:

Ching, ching, ching goes the money tree, and every time it chings money comes to me. It all flows in so abundantly from the top, left, right and under me. Wave, wave, wave I’m a money wave. Money flow, Money flow, money made. Flowing in and out plus money saved. Debt, debt, debt all debt is paid.”

This is an example of an affirmation/mantra – a confident declaration that states the predetermined possession of one’s wishes, be it money, success or love. Another popular example of an affirmation that circulates on TikTok is the following:

The love I seek is also seeking me, and I now release any blocks that are between us.

In regard to TikTok affirmations, do not believe everything you see. Some users have a knack for using spirituality to gain followers, and this can be seen when they ask you to follow, share or like their video in order to claim the success that is being promised. Genuine life coaches will use their platforms to encourage viewers and/or offer advice.

2. Writing Letters

Another popular manifestation technique is writing letters to the universe from your future self. In these letters, you are expected to put yourself in your future self’s shoes and write a letter from that perspective. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to express gratitude and positivity in these letters. An example could look like this:

Dear Universe,

I am 28 years old and I have the job of my dreams. I am financially secure and comfortable, and I live in the most extravagant house. My personal life isn’t doing too shabby, either – all of my relationships are healthy, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for taking me on this journey; thank you for aligning with me and allowing me to grow and realise my biggest dreams.


John/Jane Doe.”

3. Writing Lists

Writing lists is different from writing letters – lists are more for yourself as opposed to the universe. When writing lists, it is important to be incredibly specific; no detail is too small. For instance, if you were to write about what you would want your ideal partner to be like, you would have to include everything from their height and eye colour to how close they are with their parents and their political views. After writing these lists, put them away and recite positive affirmations, also thanking the universe. Ideally, you should be able to revisit the list once your goal is realised.

There are, of course, many other manifestation techniques out there, and most of them promise to be powerful. The power doesn’t lie within the affirmation that is waiting to be recited or the letter that needs to be written. The power lies within the person who is believing and trusting the universe for guidance.

Trust yourself as well. You are on the right path.

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