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by Arno Cornelissen

This is not about me, but WE.

There is no time for us to keep our heads down and be silent.

It is time to stand up against those who trade lies for power.

Truth has always been our ally amid the darkness of deceit. And our ally is under siege.

We must stand up against the forces who seek to destroy and defile truth.

If we do not stand, who will?

Stand, and we will make reality the place where truth resides. Stand, and we will have the power. Stand, and we will not let our future be run by lies and deceit. Stand, and we will become truth!

No longer will we give power to those who deceive and manipulate for their own gain. Our strength lies in unity. Our comradery, trust, and our passion for truth will keep us strong and true.

Let us stand together and root out the powerful who hide in the shadow of corruption.

Let us hold them and ourselves accountable for the actions taken.

No solace for those who keep the truth hidden.

Stay true, stay united, stay strong, and we will prosper.

The truth may hurt, but without truth we are not free.

Truth promotes growth,

We stand for truth.

Lies promote chains,

We stand against lies.

We will educate.

We will liberate.

We will fight for the truth.

We will triumph.

We will,


[Rising above the noise to stand for your truth. Photo: Arno Cornelissen]

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